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We have a variety of videos about our lovely stores. Check them out! At Benny’s we offer customer service that is unmatched in today’s retail environment. Our customer service team is there to help you find whatever you need and help you in a way only Benny’s can: with a friendly and helpful touch.

From Our Loyal Customers

Here's what some of our loyal customers from our Facebook page had to say about Benny's. We thank them for their continued patronage!
  • Went to Benny's today for the first time in awhile. Got a pool for the puppies, some mulch and a great beach towel...they have everything. I forgot how cool that store was! I'll be going back soon!
  • Two things that I really appreciate about Benny's is that they always have whatever they advertise and their staff is very helpful!
  • Family motto...if Benny's doesn't have it, then you don't need it!
  • You guys rock; shop here whenever I can. Great customer service.
  • Thank god for BENNYS!!! They are all ways there for us.