The Grass Is Greener In Your Yard

Lawn and Garden

When it comes to Lawn and Garden – Benny's will help keep your grass greener and your plants healthier while saving you a ton of green. Drive down any street in spring or fall and you'll be sure to see Benny's leaf bags lined up on the curb. That's why Southern New Englanders count on Benny's for everything they need for their yards.

From Husqvarna lawnmowers to a full selection of Fiskar shears and pruners, Benny’s has all of the tools necessary to mow, trim, pull, mulch, and more. Already got a mower but the blade is dull? Or maybe you need some line for your trimmer? Benny’s has all the replacements that you need to get your gear in working order. Plus, Benny’s has hoses, fencing, chicken wire, gloves, and every other tool you might need.

And, of course, Benny’s sells the world famous, Scott’s Four-Step Program – the easiest way to get that beautiful green lawn. Benny’s also has fertilizers from Miracle Gro, organic fertilizers from Epsoma, and the extremely popular URI grass seeds. Don’t have a garden yet? No problem. Benny’s has all the compost, mulch, and top-soil you need to get started.

You need it? Benny's has it!

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